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TAIDA - Tennessee American Indian Development Assoc.


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Remember Your Ancestors
Very few people of any ethnicity keep records of their ancestors. It is time consuming, a lot of work, and many families will in time, forget the names and histories of their own blood relatives.
However, it is vital for American Indian people to remember their family members both past and present to keep their memories alive and to keep their connections to their families.
This page contains Ancestor Research information and tips, and links to useful Family Research pages.  

This link below,  contains very useful information on Oklahoma family research. It is a good idea to go right to the Oklahoma rolls, then work backward to find family members who are listed with info on their home of birth. If you go  back far enough in the Oklahoma records, you might find your own family names on various rolls and lists and records that will tell where they came from.
Most Oklahoma Indian families originally came from some other state, therefore, this is a good technique to lead you to records of your own family if your family had members among the Oklahoma tribes.
Here is the link to Oklahoma Family Research:

Click on These Links for More Important Research Info:

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National Archives American Indian Records
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

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