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TAIDA - Tennessee American Indian Development Assoc.

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On this page we provide links to various resources such as UNPO, Indian news, Education, Indian Support and Development groups, etc. We also include links to articles that promote TAIDA or that are similar to TAIDA's interests,  educational links to the issues, or links that are just important & interesting to check out.
TAIDA is dedicated to the furtherance of authentic and traditional information, resources and Links to sites. All sites linked to by TAIDA are authentic sites, however, once you get to those sites, you may be directed to other links that might not be as "authentic" or "traditional" as what TAIDA supports. Please be warned that when you go to various links from sites on the web, you do so at your own discretion.

Links to the Issues

American Indian Laws & Cases

Mohawk & Federal NDN Law Issues

NCAI-National Congress of American Indians, Become a member

Indian Land Working Group- Preserving and Gaining Back Our Lands

International Indian Treaty Council (Indigenous Rights)

Learning Resources

List of NDN Media & Newspapers

List of Federally Recognized Tribes

List of State Recognized Tribes

List of Non-recognized Tribes & Detailed info on Fed & State Tribes

Excellent NA Teaching Curriculum Approved by State Board of Education

Learn The Mohawk Language (Includes audio snippets)

Other Good NDN Links

New Trail of Tears Park at McMinnville

High quality, good prices, Give-Away Items

Great NDN Map & Data Site

Great Book, Cherokee Proud, by Tony McClure, Ph.D.

AIRC-American Indian Relief Council

Cherokee Books, Crafts, Gifts & Much More From Cherokee, N. C. - Good site to visit

Native Peoples Magazine

Native American Youth On-Line Magazine

Dance Clothing & Crafts Supplies

Books, Videos, Clothing Patterns Free Catalog

Traditional & Contemporary NA Music Free 80 Minute CD Sampler call 800-268-1141 Click here for More info:

NA Public Telecommunications Coming Soon to PBS

Authentic NA Videos & CD's

American Indian Radio On Satellite

Let us know of a link that you find interesting and we may add it to this page.

We're Still Here!
Tennessee Indians-Still Walking The Trail of Tears
500 years of Cultural Genocide