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TAIDA - Tennessee American Indian Development Assoc.

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TAIDA - U, On-Line Learning Campus

Learn and Participate now in TAIDA - U's On-Line Learning Campus!
Follow the links to TAIDA's very first Learning Module that has self-scoring answers to the Learning Modules.
Our first Learning Module is Tennessee Indian History, with more Learning Modules to follow that will include subjects such as:
Material Culture
Pow Wow Protocol and Dance Information
Geneaology research tips from professionals and seasoned amateurs
Treaty Information
And much more

Any subject can be learned and the information retained if it is presented in short, easy to understand Learning Modules. Some of the benefits you will receive from these Learning Modules are outlined below:

  • Increase your awareness of Tennessee Indian concerns
  • Enable you to understand and participate in Tennessee Indian community decision making processess
  • Enable you to pass along to your children and grandchildren, valuable cultural knowledge
  • Increase the cultural knowledge base of the Tennessee Indian community as individual members increase their own knowlege base
  • Learn more about your ancestors and why things are the way they are today as a result of what was done in the past and what is being done in the present to perpetuate what was done in the past.

Here are the simple, easy, fast steps to learning what many universities take months to teach. Just follow these simple steps that will take you to a better understanding of Tennessee Indian History  and other subjects that will be offered in the future.


1.  Check your knowledge base of what you know right now about this subject by taking the Pre-test. Click on the link to go to the Pre-test. Record your answers or print out the page and circle your answers.


2.  Read the Tennessee Indian History Introduction


3.  Read the Tennessee Indian History Learning Module 1


4.  Take the Post-test and record your answers or print out the page to circle your answers.


5.  Compare your answers from the Pre-test to your answers to the Post-test to see how much material you learned and what you might want to read again. Click on the Assessment Answers to see the correct answers to the questions.



Click Here for Tennessee Indian History Learning Module 1

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