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TAIDA - Tennessee American Indian Development Assoc.

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The Top of this Page Contains information About Events and Activities That are Not TAIDA Events or Activities.
Following is an announcement of a Fun Run that will take place at Qualla in January. You need to register for this event by contacting Dawn at her e-mail address that is listed with the info.
Fun Run

I am helping to host a 5K fun run/walk January 2
if interested email me at

will send a form to be filled out and returned by Dec 29

this looks like its' going to be along the banks of the Oconaluftee

start those new years resolutions off right

if this turns out like we hope then we will be planning a $$ run in 6 months
The starting time on the form says 12:00 noon for walkers and 12:30pm for runners
we're meeting at the Cherokee Youth Center, sign in tables, concession, prizes, we will then walk over to the beginning of what we call the Trail(End of Saunooke Village), it winds its way up to the Homestead and back being just around 3 miles.
The information below is information that pertains to TAIDA's planned activities:
Coming Soon -
Indian Arts and Crafts classes with dance/drum (with pot luck)
Classes on history and culture with social interaction, singing, dance and drum
How to make your own moccasins
All socials & classes are conducted by Indian people who are knowledgeable about Indian culture
The following calendar information is only for place holding for text until there are scheduled activities. A special notice will be placed on the home page when the above activities are scheduled with a definite time and place.
You will also get a notice if you are on our newsletter list.

July 2000

July 4, 12:00pm - 4th of July cookout

July 12, 1:00pm - Organizational meeting

July 19, 9:00am - Rally

July 26, 10:00am - Community service

August 2000

August 5, 1:00pm - Organizational meeting

August 12, 2:00pm - Campaigning

August 19, 6:00pm - Group dinner

August 26, 7:00am - Visit local high school

We encourage anybody to let us know of any event that needs to be included here

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