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News Then, is News Now!

During the Tuscarora War of 1712, loose confederacies of newly formed tribes such as the Catawbas and the Muscogees, aligned with South Carolina Europeans, attacked the Tuscaroras who had been fighting the English who encroached on their lands.

Tuscarora Indian women and children were then enslaved and sold to the slave trade for labor in South Carolina or sold to the West Indies for slave labor there.

The slave trade was a great money maker. Tens of thousands of Indians who lived in their agricultural villages that stretched from the Georgia coast through the Apalachee towns of the Florida panhandle were ready to be enslaved and many were plundered by both Indians and non-Indians.

In 1704, led by James Moore, the English and a thousand newly forming Muskogees, they struck Ayubale, "the strongest fort in the Apalachee", which they then plundered and enslaved the Indians.

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