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TAIDA - Tennessee American Indian Development Assoc.

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TAIDA Groups Contact Information
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TAIDA Regional Groups are one way for the People to network and to learn. The initial plan is for the groups to meet once a month  to discuss Tennessee Indian community development,  learning and class presentations on potential development ideas, sharing ideas and resources and skills and for socialization & networking.
We are always looking for help and new ideas. This page will show some of the ways to become involved with the Tennessee American Indian Development Association. Some of the ways in which you can become involved are:
  • Start a support group in your area
  • Volunteer your special or professional skills
  • Help get the word out about TAIDA
  • Help with a newsletter
  • Start a fund raiser such as a benefit yard sale or bake sale for important issues such as historic site preservation or help for the needy
  • Help with research on Tennessee Indian History, write articles that can be posted on this site
  • represent TAIDA in your area, talk at schools and universities
  • recruit new members
  • other ways that people want to become involved: tell us what you want to do to help


How to Help

There are several other ways to get involved with TAIDA. For example, you can:

* Help plan an event or give suggestions

* Distribute literature or help with newsletter

* Assist with phone calls or by e-mail, help build and e-mail list

* Speak at an event or write articles to publish on this site or in newsletter

* Make a donation to preserve historic sites or other cultural development

Contact Information

If you are interested in helping with an event or support group or volunteering your skills or helping TAIDA in any manner, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us to discuss what you want to do. Send a message to us to let us know what you want to do to help. Or send ideas and suggestions. Please let us know:

TAIDA - Click Here To Contact Us

Continuing Our Cultures...It's For the Children

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Tennessee Indians-Still Walking The Trail of Tears
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