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TAIDA - Tennessee American Indian Development Assoc.

Tennessee Indian History

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Tennessee Indian History
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A Brief History of the Original Peoples of Tennessee
Material appearing here is distributed without profit or monetary gain to those who have expressed an interest in receiving the material for research and educational purposes. This is in accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. section 107.

Introduction and summary of our struggle today:
The latest census of Tennessee lists its American Indian population at 40,000 and growing. This number is possibly an even higher number than the 40,000 that is being reported. As Tennessee's Indian People recover their histories and identities, these numbers will swell to reflect a more accurate count of the People who still live in Tennessee or who have close family ties to the area that is now called Tennessee.
Tennessee Indians are continuing their cultures and languages that had to sometimes go undergound in order for the people to survive. Tennessee's Indian people did not all leave on the Trail of Tears, they simply hid out for survival's sake. The grandchildren of Tennessee's Tribal People are still Walking that Trail of Tears as they deal with new oppression and disenfranchisement.
However, many Tennessee Tribal People are now working together to improve their social and economic living conditions and to continue their cultures more openly with the assistance of governmental help that is available to them and with the volunteer efforts of many concerned Indians all across Indian Country who are aligning themselves with this worthy effort. 
Tennessee Indians are learning about International Law and how all indigenous people are given the rights under the United Nations to self-identify and to continue their cultures or to reclaim their cultures if they were stolen from them.
Please read on to learn more about the histories of the original people of Tennessee.
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