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TAIDA - Tennessee American Indian Development Assoc.

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Our Mother Earth is Sacred. All of our original lands are sacred to us and need to be cared for and kept for our children and grandchildren. All people, Indian and non-Indian, need to join together to help us maintain our balance on our only home, our Mother Earth.


Help Save Little Cedar Mountain. The Little Cedar Mountain Defense fund needs 100 people to pledge $100 each to a needed $10,000 LCM legal defense fund
=Sacred Little Cedar Mountain Defense Fund= SLCMDF/CITA, Box 1063, Chattanooga TN 37401

Learn How To Re-gain and Preserve Our Orignal Lands

Indian Land Working Group

Indians can learn how to re-gain their lands whether it is on an individual, state or local,  or federal level. All Indian families should learn how to own their own homes and learn how to help the larger Indian community obtain & re-gain their lands for their own collective cultural uses. This page will contian links and articles relating to land issues and how to become active and participate in this important process of recovering our land bases at all levels. Check back often for updates as they are added to this page.

We're Still Here!
Tennessee Indians-Still Walking The Trail of Tears
500 years of Cultural Genocide